A growing and responsible business comes to a point where CSR becomes an important area of its activity. Giving back to the community that helped you rise your business is one on the best strategies to follow for a long-term investment in your reputation. We`ll be happy to implement CSR programs for your community.

We can help you identify those exact causes that you should focus your CSR efforts to such as to make a difference in your community and to reach your goals.

You can choose from different types of corporate social initiatives, the most common being:

  • Cause-related marketing: donations to charity based on product sales
  • Corporate philanthropy: donations to charity, including cash, goods, and services, sometimes via a corporate foundation
  • Community volunteering: volunteer activities, that often include some of the company’s employees
  • Cause promotions: advocacy campaigns
  • Corporate social marketing: behaviour-change campaigns

We can help you develop your business, but we can also help you make a difference for your community. Don`t settle to being just a profitable company. Be a memorable one!