Something that no one wants to think about …that is why it is so important. In a digital world where a single post or comment could lead to serious image damages, it is essential to be proactive and to have a plan to implement in case of need.

Going through a crisis may be inevitable for a company at some point, but the most important thing is what is left behind. It can be a stronger brand/company, with a boost of visibility and credibility, or it can be a weaker one, with difficulties in getting back to where it was before the crisis.

These all depend on how well you prepare for a possible crisis and how you handle the communication during the process, should it be necessary.

  1. Be proactive! We don`t want you to waste energy thinking about troubles, but it is wise to think about crisis that may occur and affect your business. Some may be avoided by changing some aspects of the systems. Some may be impossible to anticipate, but it is better to have some possible answers and actions prepared instead of doing it under the pressure of a crisis.
  2. Let`s see your crisis communication team!
  3. We`ll identify your stakeholders and the main messages for them in case of a general/specific crisis.
  4. We`ll assist you during the crisis. No crisis can be fully prepared in advance. Unpredictability is one of its main characteristics. That is why we`ll stand by you step by step and offer you the best solutions from the PR perspective. There are a few rules that one should respect no matter what during a crisis: Be honest! Be kind! Be open! Be ready to admit your fault if necessary!
  5. We`ll make the best of it! Post-crisis analyse has its role and importance and it can make an organization earn more from the experience than it lost from being forced to go through it.

Let`s prepare for the worst, just in case, but hope and work for the best!