Does media know about your business? Well that is great! But that is why you need to be more careful than ever with the way you manage your media relations. Journalists/ bloggers/ online communities could really be one of your most valuable partners if you take care of the way you communicate with them!
The media does not yet know your business? Well this is the time for them to find out and for you to show your best!

Some consider contracting PR services only for this aspect and even if it is just one part of our job, it is certainly one of the most important.

Every company wants good media relations, but sometimes this is not so easy to obtain. It takes time, research, communication skills and the most appropriate approach to reach your goal.

The service known as “media relations” involves:

  • Identifying those aspects of your company`s activity that can represent the topic of a press release
  • Setting clear your media communication objectives
  • Building a data base with those specific journalists/bloggers that are of interest for your company
  • Writing and sending press releases
  • Monitoring your media coverage
  • Maintaining the relationships with the journalists on behalf of your company
  • Answering press requests (interviews, declarations, etc)
  • Pitching your stories to the press in the most suitable manner.

You don`t need to be afraid to step out in front of the media, but you do indeed need to be very careful how you do this! We`re here to make sure this is a success for you and that you get the best from communicating to the press.