Good communication is rather about being proactive, not only reactive. That is why experience has shown us the importance of having a clear strategy and a plan that you follow step by step, combining it with communication elements imposed by different events that might occur.

The process is a „never-ending” one, because targets and strategies are always necessary to move on with any business. However, there are a few steps that we`ll take together as part of the process, nu matter the business domain you activate in.

  1. Objectives – Let`s see what you`re up to

There is a reason why you want to work with us. You want to develop your business. You have a dream. A target to achieve. Let`s see what that is, because this is what leads everything

  1. Audience and stakeholders – Who are you talking to?

PR is about good image and effective relationships with your key partners/audiences. We have to identify together those stakeholders and main audiences that you want to communicate to efficiently.

  1. Analyse the actual status – Where are you now?

Your audience being identified, it is time to find out exactly where you stand. What is your public`s opinion of you/your brand/ your products/ services? We need to hear this from you, but also from them. Only then we`ll know what we have to do 😉

  1. Targeted communication channels – Where is your voice most likely to be heard

According to the identified audience and messages to transmit, we`ll identify those exact channels that you need to use to send them correctly. Do you need to use the general media? The local press? Social media? Bloggers? Would face to face communication help for some stakeholders?

  1. Tactics – How we`ll do it?

Only after we have the above elements clearly mapped, we can get to action, to the ‘HOWs’. There are many PR instruments you can use, but each of them needs to be evaluated and see how much it would actually help and how much importance does it need to receive.

Should you send press releases regarding your activity?

Should you rather involve in collaborations with bloggers and influencers?

How and where should you place your messages in social media?

… and so on and so forth…

No need to worry. Contact us and we`ll find out together what is the best receipt.